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What is the Equipment Desk?

Equipment Services supplements the academic pursuits of the Bucknell community by providing computer and media technology on a short-term loan basis.

What equipment can I borrow?

There is a wide variety of equipment that can be borrowed on a first-come-first-serve basis including computing devices, audio, video, photography, projection, and more. If the equipment you want is not available, we will do our best to offer/provide a suitable replacement. For more information on equipment, go to Equipment Desk Guide.

How do I request equipment?

Equipment can be requested from the  Equipment Desk Guide or the Equipment Request Form

How long can I borrow equipment?

The sole purpose of the equipment desk is to provide short-term loans for everyone in the campus community. Our policy is to ensure equitable access to the equipment, which is why we do not allow long-term loans. If someone misuses this privilege, they may lose the opportunity to use the service for the rest of the semester. This includes continuing to request the same equipment back to back as well as having others request the equipment for you. 

Computing Devices - 2-week loan with 1 renewal
All other Equipment - 1-week loan with 1 renewal

What are the terms of the agreement conditions?

The terms are subject to change and may change without notice. 

  1. The EQUIPMENT DESK reserves the right to review requests and make recommendations for items that are unavailable. Equipment will be provided on a first-come-first-serve basis. The EQUIPMENT DESK will do its best to provide the equipment requested. 
  2. The BORROWER shall keep and maintain the borrowed equipment during the borrowing period. The BORROWER shall keep the equipment in good standing order, with normal wear and tear excepted.
  3. The BORROWER shall pay the EQUIPMENT DESK full compensation for replacement and/or repair of any equipment either not returned because it is lost, stolen, or damaged and in need of repair or replacement to put it into the same condition it was in at the time of borrowing, with normal wear and tear excepted. The EQUIPMENT DESK will charge the BORROWER for replacement or repair.
  4. Equipment must be returned on time or a fine will be issued for every day it is late. Fine to be determined by the EQUIPMENT DESK and an invoice issued to your account. If equipment is not returned within 2 weeks, the full cost of the equipment will be charged to the BORROWER. If the equipment is returned after an invoice for the full cost of the equipment has been charged to the BORROWER, the EQUIPMENT DESK reserves the right to adjust the charge or not.
  5. The equipment shall be delivered to BORROWER and returned to the EQUIPMENT DESK at the BORROWER's risk, cost, and expense.
  6. If the BORROWER has extenuating circumstances, it is important that the BORROWER contact the Equipment Desk prior to borrowing equipment. The EQUIPMENT DESK will evaluate the situation and suggest the best course of action. BORROWERs that do not notify the EQUIPMENT DESK prior to borrowing equipment and do not return items on or before the equipment return date will be subject to fines and/or the full cost of equipment as outlined in number 4 of the terms and conditions. 
  7. As the BORROWER, you acknowledge that this equipment is for short-term loan only and should not be borrowed longer than the loan period allows. BORROWERS who are found to be misusing the system may be denied access to borrowing. This includes continuing to request the same equipment back to back as well as having others request the equipment for you. It is important that the entire campus has equal access to the equipment. 

Care Instructions

  1. Do not leave equipment in hot or below-freezing environments
  2. Turn the equipment off before putting it into the bag
  3. Notify the Equipment Desk if issues arise

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