Travel FAQ

Before You Leave Campus

Duo Security

  • Plan for how you will use Duo Security
  • Does your destination have cell signal?
  • Does your destination have wifi?
  • Are you traveling to a blocked country?
  • Do you have a Duo Code Generator if there is no cell or wifi at your destination?

Laptop or Tablet

  • Do not travel with any technology you cannot lose
  • Install and configure software, remote labs, or virtual desktop
  • Install all hardware and software updates
  • Install the Bucknell VPN. 
  • Read the instructions for Eduroam and practice connecting on campus.
  • Launch the VPN before you leave so you know how it works
  • Verify that Code 42 is backing up your computer
  • Make sure your laptop has an obvious and visible label
  • Obtain a laptop bag with a padded sleeve
  • Buy a laptop lock.
  • Mark the laptop bag with something colorful and identifiable. 

While You are On the Road

  • Watch your laptop and smart phone when you go through airport security
  • If you use wifi in a hotel or restaurant, use the VPN.
  • Do not plug into USB charging points. Use a wall outlet with a surge protector instead.
  • Never leave any technology unattended.
  • Do not let your laptop get too hot or too cold. Protect the laptop from dust and all humidity or water.
  • Lock your laptop in all public and private spaces.

When You Return

  • Report any damage or suspicious activity to the Tech Desk


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