Amazon Web Services (AWS) Academy FAQ

What is Amazon Web Services (AWS) Academy?

AWS Academy is the higher education portal for Amazon Web Services training.  Amazon provides many resources to faculty and students to help them teach and learn about internet cloud services. Bucknell faculty and students have free access to AWS Academy through Bucknell’s institutional account.

Two resources in AWS Academy are particularly useful for faculty. First, there are pre-built curriculums that can be used to teach or supplement a course on cloud technologies.  Second, faculty can grant students access to AWS services console through the Academy Learner Labs (see below).

Why use AWS Academy?

Cloud services are the backbone of many key internet services. Students can gain valuable experience with cutting edge technologies by learning how to use these services.

Faculty can use these services to enhance their teaching portfolios and provide students with access to customized computing resources.  Faculty may also benefit from the existing education resources, such as curriculum and courses, that are already part of AWS Academy.  Use of these resources is optional.

What are AWS Academy Learner Labs?

An AWS Academy Learner Lab offers a long-running lab environment suitable for student projects over a period designated by the educator. AWS Academy educators can create AWS Academy Learner Labs and add students. Each student in an AWS Academy Learner Lab will have a $100 AWS Platform Credit to use for the duration of the lab. Within this lab, students will have access to a restricted set of AWS services for project work, educator-designed lab exercises, or practice. Services deployed by students are available until the end date designated by the educator. Educators can report on students’ AWS Platform spend and time spent in the lab environment. AWS Academy Learner Labs are independent from other AWS Academy courses, and educators can use this environment with their students at any time. 

How do I get access to AWS Academy?

Access to AWS Academy is provided for students through faculty mentorship and classroom experiences.  Faculty may request access for themselves, their students, and their classes by filling out this interest form.  Faculty will be granted access to AWS Academy as educators who are then able to create classes in AWS Academy and add students to those classes. 

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