How many people can I email at a time in Bmail?

To keep systems healthy and accounts safe, Google limits the number of Gmail messages users can send per day, and the number of recipients per message.

Google also responds when a number of recipients mark a message as spam. If you send an email that is unwanted, unsolicited, and marked by the recipients as spam or phishing, Google may suspend your account. Your mass mailing may fall below the published limits, but your account may still be suspended if the message is perceived to be spam.

Here's another way to say that: 

If you send a message to lots of people and they mark it as spam, your account may be suspended by Google.

It doesn't matter exactly how many recipients you send to. If they don't want the message and they report it to Google, Google may suspend your account.

Here's a link to Google's page on sending limits for Google Workspace accounts:

Note: It is likely your account will be suspended or your ability to send will be throttled if you exceed these limits. 

Question: I received a list of 3,000 valid email addresses. Can I send a message inviting all 3,000 to attend my event or read my newsletter?

Answer: You cannot. This message is unacceptable. There are too many recipients and because they did not ask, it's unsolicited. 


Question: How do I tell all these people about my event or share this information?

Answer: If the recipients are Bucknell faculty, staff, or students, use the Message Center. If the recipients are outside the university, contact Communications to inquire about sending a mass mailing.


Question: My account was restricted or throttled! Now what do I do?

Answer: If your account was throttled, you will need to wait the designated amount of time for the restriction to expire. Normally accounts are restricted for a rolling 24 hours. Library & IT cannot lift the restriction.


Question: My account was suspended! Now what can I do?

Answer: If your account was suspended, you will need to contact the Tech Desk.

Helpful Resources

Send a Mass Email Request Form - Communications

Post to the Message Center

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