Getting Started with Digication

Logging in to Digication

  1. Navigate to the Digication log in page
  2. Click the LOG IN button
    Log in page of the Pathways site with a red arrow pointing to the log in button.
  3. Make sure Bucknell University is highlighted (1) and then click the Bucknell University button (2)
    Image of the log in page that asks students how they would like to log in and a confirming button.
  4. Use your Bucknell credentials to log in to Digication
  5. You will then need to accept the End User License Agreement*
    *if you have questions or concerns about this agreement, please reach out to Joe Tranquillo at
    Image of End User Agreement with 4 options: 1) Terms of use, 2) read and understand privacy policy, 3) acknowledge you are over 13 years old, and 4) an option to accept all


Setting up your Account and Portfolio

  1. Once you accept the End User Agreement and log in, the first box that pops up will prompt you to set your notification settings. However, you can always change these later. Refer to the Digication Notifications Overview if you need help changing these.
  2. After you set your notification settings, you should see your digication portfolio and some pre-existing portfolios created for you.
  3. Select the blue plus sign button for the PathwaysTemplate.
    Digication dashboard with portfolios for students to use
  4. On the next screen, use your first and last name (e.g., Jane Doe) for the title of your portfolio and ensure the PathwaysFirst-Template is highlighted (clicked).
    Image of the "Create Your Eportfolio" screen where you need to fill in the title of your portfolio with your First and Last name (e.g., Jane Doe)
  5. Click the Create button.
  6. Select the blue button that says Publish Changes.*
    *Your portfolio will alert you that “Your changes have not been published yet”. This is because Digication does not auto save your changes. So, make sure you save changes periodically!
    Image of the Save Changes button that appears when you have unsaved changes.

  7. Finally, confirm your changes by clicking the SAVE SETTINGS & PUBLISH button to finalize your changes.
    Image of the "Save Settings & Publish" button.


Next Step: How do I share my Digication portfolio with my advisor?



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