Digication FAQ

What is Digication?

Digication is an ePortfolio system used at Bucknell for the Pathways program, which encourages students to ignite their curiosity, thoughtfully integrate their curricular and co-curricular experiences, discover their own values and goals, and continuously curate a personal narrative while at Bucknell and beyond.

How do I get access to Digication?

Bucknell students and faculty can get access to Digication by visiting the Pathways site (https://pathways.bucknell.edu).

Are you a student and logging in for the first time? Check out the Getting Started with Digication page.


Faculty: How do I sync my Moodle course with Digication?

Digication is added as an External Tool link within Moodle and is primarily used as a way for students to have easy access via Moodle.

  1. First, make sure Editing is turned ON.
  2. Click + Add an activity of resource
  3. Select External Tool
  4. From the dropdown menu, select Digication
  5. Set the assignment parameters (grading, privacy, etc.)
  6. Click Save and display

From here, you will need to create an account if you have not already. Digication will open a new window outside of Moodle.

What help resources are available for Digication?

Student Help Guide

Faculty Help Guide

Quick Links

Who do I contact if I need additional help?

Please contact Rebecca Thomas at rlt013@bucknell.edu.


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