iClicker FAQ

What are iClicker and iClicker Cloud?

iClicker and iClicker Cloud are tools designed to engage your students during synchronous instruction. iClickers are physical remotes that allow students to provide real-time, multiple-choice answers to questions that you pose in class. iClicker Cloud is the mobile version, where instead of a physical remote, students are able to "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD). In other words, students can use a mobile phone (with the iClicker app) or a computer to respond to clicker questions, and the students don't all have to be in a physical classroom to participate.  We have purchased an institutional site license for iClicker so that faculty members and students can use the software without needing to pay a subscription fee.  "Audience Response Software" like iClicker Cloud is traditionally used to:

  • Assess student understanding in real-time

  • Increase student engagement in class

  • Track attendance and student participation

The cloud version of iClicker also allows faculty members to:

  • Diversify student feedback with a variety of question formats

  • Uncover ‘muddiest points’ post-class via Exit Polls


How do I get access to iClicker Cloud?

If you are a faculty member and interested in using iClicker Cloud, please complete this interest form, and we will contact you for a consultation.


How do my students get access to  iClicker Cloud?

Please note that during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not using the physical iClicker remotes, and we are continuing to encourage faculty to use the Cloud version of the iClicker software, because of its many advantages.  In past semesters, if you wanted to use the physical iClicker remotes, your students had to visit the Circulation Desk within Bertrand Library to borrow a remote (using their Bucknell ID), which needed to be returned at the end of the semester.

If you would like to use iClicker Cloud with your students, please direct them to download the iClicker Student Mobile App (link opens in new window) for their respective mobile device. Alternatively, students may use their laptop to participate using the iClicker web app.  We currently have a site license for iClicker Cloud, so students do not need to pay a subscription fee. 


What resources does iClicker have for getting started?


What additional resources are there for faculty members interested in using iClicker Cloud?


How can students learn how to use iClicker Cloud?


Need more help? Send an email to Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship at dps@bucknell.edu.



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