How do I import past Moodle content into a new Moodle course?

One of the advantages of using a Learning Management System like Moodle is that it makes it easy to copy past content from one semester to the next, allowing you to modify the content for the current semester.

Oftentimes, you'll want to copy the entire course over from a previous semester and then remove parts of the course that no longer apply.  If both courses are on the same (main) Moodle server, than you can follow these instructions to import all that course content to your new course.

If you want to copy over just one or two sections from a past course (also on the main Moodle server), you can follow these instructions instead. 

If the course was originally taught between Summer 2015 and Spring 2019 (and therefore is on the Moodle Archive Server), then you need to backup the previous course (from the Archive Server) and restore it onto the main Moodle server, following these instructions

Please contact DP&S if you have any questions any of these instructions.


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