New Faculty Accounts & Computers

Accounts for New Faculty

Human Resources will enter new faculty information into Workday, including personal email address and birth date. Faculty who are hired for the academic year begin employment on August 1 (unless otherwise negotiated). 

Beginning June 2, Bucknell Account Management (BAM) in Library & IT will create and distribute new accounts based on the information available in Workday. Usernames and email addresses are created automatically based on the first, middle, and last legal names of the new faculty member.

Required information for account creation:

  • Accurate first, middle, and last names (especially important for individuals with multiple surnames)
  • Accurate birth date
  • Accurate personal email address

NOTE: Any missing information will cause a delay in account creation and distribution.

Personal Email Address

Human Resources will enter the new faculty member’s personal email address into Workday. The personal email address will be used for account distribution and future password changes. The new hire must be able to access the personal email address. Faculty should not use an account from a previous employer or university if it will expire or be deleted.

Bucknell Account Management (BAM)

Account creation and distribution will begin June 2. New faculty will receive an email message in the personal email account that they have provided to the university. The message will contain their username, email address, and a link to Bucknell Account Management (BAM).  When they login to BAM, they will be able to create a new Bucknell password and friendly email alias. Then faculty will need to set up Duo Security. At this point the new faculty member will be able to access Bmail, myBucknell, and any other web based Bucknell resources. 

Friendly Email Alias

Faculty have the option of creating a friendly email alias. The friendly email alias must be based on the last name and first name provided to Human Resources.  The frendly email alias is not a real email account - it is just a forwarding address that sends email to the real email account. 

Preferred Name Change

Faculty have the option of setting up a Preferred Name in Workday. If the new faculty member is intending to use a preferred name, that change must be made in Workday prior to creating the friendly email alias. A preferred first or last name will appear in the friendly email selection form. The preferred name will automatically populate in all other parts of the account. To add a preferred name, in Workday click on Profile, then Actions, scroll to Personal Data, and select Change My Preferred Name. New faculty cannot create a preferred name until they complete their onboarding.

Computers for New Faculty

After the account is created, LIT will create a new hire ticket for each new faculty member and flag the academic assistant.  LIT will distribute computers on August 1. The ticket includes instructions for accessing various resources, including voicemail password and greeting instructions. The Telephone Office works from this ticket to set up a telephone in the correct office.

  • Tenure Track Faculty (Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor)
    • If a new faculty member has negotiated a specific computer and/or software in their contract, the appropriate Dean’s Office will send that request to LIT to put it in the new hire ticket.  Library & IT will purchase/supply the computer and software specified in the contract.
    • If a computer is not specified in the contract, these faculty will receive a computer that matches the department standard model and year.  They will have a choice of Windows or Mac, desktop or laptop, pending availability.
  • Visiting Assistant Faculty (Visiting Assistant Professor, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Adjunct Associate Professor)
    • Visiting Assistant Professors will receive a Windows laptop. The Windows laptop may be new or redeployed with an updated hard drive and memory. If a visiting faculty member is required to use software that does not run on a Windows computer, the department chair can request a Mac, although all requests for Macs are dependent on approval, availability, and LIT inventory.
  • Lecturers & Adjuncts (Lecturer/Adjunct/Instructor/Artist Affiliate/Faculty Casual)
    • These faculty do not receive computers unless they can demonstrate a specific need, the department chair requests a computer, and LIT has available computers in inventory. Lecturers and adjuncts may borrow computers from the Equipment Desk.

Computer delivery will begin on the first day of employment, which is normally August 1.

Note: All the information in this article is only for faculty and does not apply to staff in academic departments.

Office Address/Phone Number

When the academic assistant or department chair know which office and telephone number a new faculty member will be using, please reply to the new hire ticket with that information. It is also helpful to notify HR, so they can update Workday.


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