Graduating Seniors and Alumni Account Access

When you transition from Bucknell student to Bucknell alumni, you can keep your Bucknell Bmail account for as long as you want! For account management purposes, you will switch to alumni status 13 weeks after graduation.

Alumni Account Access

Alumni have access to:

  • Bmail, including Drive, Sites, Calendar and Google Workspace/G Suites content
  • BAM (including the ability to reset passwords)
  • Duo Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Digication e-portfolio

Alumni do not have access to: 

  • myBucknell
  • Moodle
  • Zoom (Enterprise license)
  • Banner Web (including access to unofficial transcripts)
  • Netspace and Unixspace/Linux accounts
  • wireless network
  • Classroom and lab computer logins
  • Webprint
  • Bucknell WordPress blogs
  • Library book and equipment check-out permissions
  • Qualtrics surveys
  • VPN 
  • Remote Labs, Virtual Workspace, and other software access
  • Bulk campus lists (students@, seniors@, etc.)
  • LinkedIn Learning 
  • Library databases and journals (with a very few exceptions)
  • BisonNet
  • Gitlab

Things to do prior to the account change:

Before your account becomes an alumni account,  you should save a copy of any data that is stored in a system listed above. After your account changes, there are no exceptions for allowing access at a later date. These steps include:

  • Remove everything you have stored in Netspace and Unixspace (Linux accounts). Google Drive is a good option to store these files. 
  • Save a copy of your unofficial transcript from Banner Web.
  • LinkedIn Learning - Finish all courses and publish your completion certificates to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Qualtrics - Submit a ticket to indicate who should be the new owner of your surveys. This is very important if you've done research for a professor who will still need access to your surveys after you've graduated.
  • Log into and make sure that you have a recovery email and cell phone number that you can use in case you ever need to reset your password. 

Students who separate from Bucknell without graduating do not keep their Bmail access. In this situation, students should make arrangements to retrieve any items they have stored in Drive and forward any necessary emails from their Bucknell account before they leave the university. 


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