FileLocker FAQ

What is FileLocker?

Filelocker is a secure file transfer site.  You can use it to share files with other people or ask that someone share a file with you.

Filelocker is useful for the following situations:

  • You need to share a file that is too large to send via email (>25 MB for Bmail)
  • You need to share a confidential file securely (email is not secure, so you cannot use email to transfer a confidential file)
  • You need to share file type that cannot be transferred via email

Files can be shared within Bucknell University or with external computer users.

Accessing and Using FileLocker

  1. Go to Filelocker 

  2. Selecting Bucknell Login and enter your Bucknell credentials (If you have already logged in today you will not be prompted to enter your credentials).

  3. Fill out the Message section 

    • To field is not linked to the global address list so you will need to type in the email address(s) of your recipient

  4. Attach files using the drag and drop box or by clicking the green Add Files button

  5. Please use the following recommended settings:

    • Authentication Required: Requires all recipients to autenticate to access the message

    • Access Restriction: Recipients Only

    • Note: Messages are set to expire

  6. Click Send (Note: if the Send button is grayed out, you should click the box next to Private Message. This usually occurs if you are not sending an attachment.)

Requesting Files from Someone

Filelocker allows users to request someone share a file with them. To request a file be shared, follow the below instructions. 

  1. Go to Filelocker
  2. Click on File Request

  3. Select New File Request

  4. Fill in the Message information and click on Request File to send the message. 


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