How do I use Remote Desktop on my Mac computer to connect to a campus Windows computer?

If you are off-campus, and you need to connect to an on-campus computer, you can use Remote Desktop. (Note: This is normally locked down, so these instructions will not work for you unless you have talked specifically with someone in L&IT Tech Support to make sure you have access).

1. Connect to the VPN. If you have not installed or configured the VPN, you can follow these instructions

2. Go to the app store to download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app.

3. Open Microsoft Remote Desktop.

4. When opening the software for the first time, you will be prompted to allow access to the microphone and camera. Select OK to both prompts

5. Once the Microsoft Remote Desktop software opens, you will need to add a PC. You can click on the "+" and select Add PC or click on the blue "Add PC" button that appears to the right

6. Enter the PC name in the format below (Step 1 in the image below). Each computer has its own unique pc name so make sure you know the computer name of the pc you are trying to connect to.  

  • (example)

7. Click the down arrow for the User Account field (Step 2 in the image below). Select Add User Account

7. Enter your user name in the Username field. Please follow the format below.

  • bucknell\username (replace username with your Bucknell username)
  • bucknell\abc123 (example)

8. Enter your Bucknell password and select Add

9. Once you have entered the PC name and added your credentials, click on Save

10. You have now successfully added the desktop. To connect to this desktop you can right-click and select Connect or you can double-click on the desktop and it will start connecting automatically. 


11. In some cases, you may receive a certificate pop-up box. Click on Show Certificate. Otherwise, you may skip to Step 14.

12. Select the box for "Always trust "PC name" when connecting to "PC name"

13. Your mac user name should auto-populate. Enter your mac password (not Bucknell password).

14. Once you have connected to the desktop, you will be able to access the software that is on that pc. 

Note: If you receive an error connecting, please check the PC name and your credentials. If you are still unable to connect, please submit a ticket

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