How do I launch my EDGE training?

If you are a faculty or staff member attempting to launch training in EDGE - Educate, Develop, Grow Excel, please follow these instructions.

  1. If you are clicking on the link from your Bmail, try to login to myBucknell and click the EDGE link in Quicklinks.
  2. Use a different web browser.  If you are using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, try Mozilla Firefox.
  3. Verify that your web browser allows pop-ups.  Online training in EDGE will open in a popup window.
    1. Internet Explorer - Open Internet Explorer, go to, and launch the training.  All university owned Windows computers will allow popups for EDGE to open automatically in Internet Explorer. For more information see Internet Explorer Pop-up Blocker.
    2. Google Chrome - Block or allow pop-ups in Chrome
    3. Mozilla Firefox - Pop-up Blocker Settings
      1. Add and to your popup blocker exceptions
    4. Safari - Block pop-ups (note: make sure this setting is turned off).
  4. Verify that the zoom level is set to 100%.
    1. Internet Explorer - Ease of Access options
    2. Google Chrome - Change text, image, and video sizes
    3. Mozilla Firefox - Font size and zoom
    4. Safari - Zoom in on webpages


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