How do I use Solstice to project?

Using Mersive Solstice

When the AV system is turned on and the Mersive Solstice device is shown on screen, the room name and two IP addresses are displayed. To connect wirelessly, launch a web browser on your PC/laptop. Enter the proper IP address in the address bar, depending on whether your device is connected to the internal network or bucknell_guests. If you have trouble connecting, please verify that you’re using the correct IP address.




You’ll see this on your device screen:


You will be prompted to install a program. Run the program. When you are asked for a “key”, enter the 4 digit number from the room screen.

You should now see this screen. Select what you want to share. You can share your desktop (which shares whatever you see on your PC screen), an App Window (only shares a single app) or a media file. 

The method for doing this from a smartphone or tablet is similar. Download the Mersive Solstice app from the Apple or Google app store. Upon opening the Solstice app, you will be prompted for an IP and 4 digit key. You have the option to display your phone’s screen, the camera on your device, or a media file.

For more advanced uses, there are user guides at


How to Allow Desktop and Audio Sharing on a Mac

Enable Solstice Desktop Sharing on macOS

You may need to give the Mersive Solstice app permission to record your desktop to be able to share it to the Solstice display. Follow the directions below to ensure the necessary permissions have been set before using Solstice with a video conference.

  1. Open your Mersive Solstice app and connect to a Solstice display.

  2. On the Share panel, click Desktop. If desktop sharing permission is needed, a message will appear with brief directions for enabling it.

  3. Open System Preferences from your dock or the Apple menu, then select Security & Privacy.

  4. Go to the Privacy tab and select Screen Recording from the list on the left.

  5. If needed, lick the lock icon in the lower left and enter the password to change permissions on your Mac.

  6. If the Mersive Solstice app appears on the right, check the box next to it to give it permission to share your desktop to a Solstice display. Then skip to step 8.

  7. If Mersive Solstice does not appear in the allowed apps list on the right, do the following:

    1. Click the + button below the apps list.

    2. Navigate to the location of the Mersive Solstice app.

    3. Select Mersive Solstice and click Open to add it to the apps list. It should be automatically given screen recording permission.

  8. When Mersive Solstice has been checked, you will be prompted to Quit & Reopen to restart the Mersive Solstice app so the change will take effect.

Enable Audio for Desktop Sharing on macOS

Depending on your macOS security settings, you may need to enable desktop audio access for the Mersive Solstice app in order to access the full Solstice content sharing functionality.

  1. Open your Mersive Solstice app and connect to a Solstice display.

  2. On the Share panel, click Desktop. The Mersive Solstice app will minimize. Click Sharing Desktop at the top of your screen to show the app window.

  3. If Auto share audio is enabled in Settings > Control, audio sharing should be turned on automatically. If the speaker icon after the name of the connected Solstice display appears gray with a red slash, click the icon to turn on audio sharing.

  1. In the prompt that appears, click Yes.

  2. If needed, enter your admin password and click OK. A System Extension Blocked pop-up should then appear.

  3. Click Open Security Preferences to open the Security & Privacy settings.

  4. Next to 'System software from developer "Mersive Technologies" was blocked from loading', click Allow.

  5. Open System Preferences > Sound.

  6. From the Play sound effects through drop-down, select Desktop Streaming Audio Device.

  7. Check the Show volume in menu bar option.

  8. Go back to the Mersive Solstice app, stop sharing, and click Disconnect.

  9. Reconnect to the Solstice display, then share your desktop. Audio will automatically be streamed to the in-room display.


In some cases, if you are experiencing a lag between what is on your screen and what is on the device, you may need to connect to the solstice via Airplay. You can do that by the following:

  1. After you’ve connected to the solstice via the Mersive app.

  • For newer versions of Mac OS: this can be done via the control panel. You can access the control panel in the upper right of the screen by clicking the icon.  You’ll see a dropdown menu which you’ll need to select the screen mirroring option. That looks like this:  
  • For older versions of Mac OS:  you’ll see the airplay icon at the top right of the screen. It looks like this: 


  1. Re-enter the code that is shown on the screen. 

  2. If you’ve connected to the solstice successfully you’ll see the name of the solstice you’re connected to, click on that. You will have options to “Mirror Built-in Display” or “Use as Secondary Display”. Mirror Built-in Display will mirror your laptop screen. Use as Secondary Display will use the solstice as a separate monitor. 

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