How much space do I have on the Linux systems (i.e. unixspace)?

Your Linux files are stored on a file server called unixspace.  Because unixspace has limited capacity, there is a space limitation on the material in your personal space. Note that these are hard quotas, meaning that the system will not allow you to exceed these allocations. The default quota for all accounts is 10GB.

Note that this is only the default quota.  If you find you need more space to continue your university-related work, you may email to request more space (please provide justification).  To check your current usage, login to a Linux system and from a terminal window, run the command:

quota -vs

Here’s some sample output:

Disk quotas for user student (uid 15341): 
     Filesystem   space   quota   limit   grace   files   quota   limit   grace
                   770M   9216M  10240M           24815   4295m   4295m

The space column will show you your current usage.  The first limit column displays your current hard quota limit.


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