How can I run a graphical session on the Linux remote servers (e.g.

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NOTE: FastX and SSH access is restricted to a specific access list. If you have trouble logging in and aren't sure if you're on the access list, please submit a ticket to request access.

You can run a graphical desktop session on the Linux remote servers by going to one of the following addresses:

Once you arrive at the site, follow these steps:

  1. Login using your usual Bucknell username and password
  2. Select the + sign in top left
  3. Select GNOME and then select Launch

This should then launch a graphical desktop session. Note that if you close the browser tab/window in which the session is running, it will continue as an idle session for 2 hours so you can resume where you left off. After 2 hours, it will terminate and you will have to launch a new session.

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