How do I setup the biometric login to Workday?

Bio-metric Login

The Workday Mobile App supports several different ways of logging in:

    1. Enter your username, password, and go through Bucknell’s standard multi-factor authentication. This is the default and should always work.
    2. On any mobile device you can create a PIN number that’s good for 90 days. To establish a PIN, click here.
    3. If your IOS or Android mobile device includes a fingerprint reader, you can sign into the Workday app using your fingerprint. To use your fingerprint to login to the Workday app using:
IOS - click here
Androidclick here
    1. On some limited mobile devices – currently limited to Apple devices – you can sign into the Workday app using facial recognition. To use facial recognition to login to the Workday App, click here.

NOTE: Every make and model of mobile device and every version of operating system that runs on them is different. It is not possible to test every configuration. If you have difficulties making any of these options work for you on your device, please contact the Tech Desk.


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