How do I install Follow-Me printing on a university-owned Windows computer?

Bucknell-owned Machines

Due to security policies, Bucknell-owned machines will need to have administrative rights prior to following the instructions below. Find Make Me Admin in programs and select Grant Me Administrator Rights.

Follow-Me Printing - Windows

If you are a faculty or staff member, follow these instructions to install Follow-Me Printing on your Bucknell University-owned Windows computer:

1. Type "Portal Manager" in the Search Box next to the Start Button.

2. Click on the Install button SelfService - Add FollowMe Printers on the new window that pops up.

3.You see a downloading window open up. 

4. Then you'll see an Installing . . . window.  

5. Note: this should only take a minute - if it taking longer than that, check to see if you have a window behind the Portal Manager asking if you want to proceed:

6. If you see a prompt that says Do You Trust This Printer? select the option that indicates you do trust the printer.

7. Click OK. You'll know the printer install script has finished when you see this message;

8. If you click on the Start button, and go to the Settings Gear>Devices>Printers and Scanners, you should see the B/W and the Color print queues. 


9. Locate the printer that should be your default.  Right click on that printer and select Set as default printer.

10. Right-click on any printers you no longer need and select Remove device.

11. To use these printer queues, simply choose this printer to send your jobs to WebPrint.  Print and release your print job on any Follow-Me Printer on campus!

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