How do I release my print job from a Follow-Me printer?

Release jobs using a Follow-Me printer

After you send a print job to Follow-Me Printing, walk to the Canon printer you would like to print to.  If that printer has an error or is unavailable, go to a different Canon printer.

  1. The screen will prompt you to touch your BUID to the card reader.
  2. The card reader is on the left side of the screen. Hold or tap your BUID on the area indicated.
  3. You will now see your Campus Dollars balance on the screen. You must have sufficient Campus Dollars if you will be printing in color.
  4. Touch the Pharos icon.
  5. Your print jobs will be listed on the screen.
  6. Check the box in front of each job you want to print.
  7. Press Print or Print All on the bottom of the screen.
  8. Press Log Out before you leave the printer.
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