Can I add the direct Follow-Me printer queue to my personally owned Mac laptop?

Would you like to be able to print directly to the Follow Me printers from your laptop without having to first download your file, then upload it to Webprint? You can!

For example, if you're in Word, or if you're reading a pdf in Acrobat, you can just do a File>Print and choose the Follow Me printer that you've installed, print the job, then go to a Follow-Me printer to retrieve it. Here's how you can set it up:

  1. Go to: System Preferences > Print & Scan > click to unlock (if locked) to make changes
  2. Click on the + to add a new printer
  3. If you don't see an Advanced button in the toolbar, you'll need to add it. Control-click in the toolbar area and choose Customize Toolbar. In the window that pops up, you'll see an Advanced button - drag it to the toolbar next to where you see Default, IP, Windows.
  4. Select the following options in Advanced:
    • Type (choose): LPD/LPR Host or Printer
    • Device (choose): Another Device
    • URL: lpd:// -or- BuColorPrint
    • (use your Bucknell account as the username)
    • Name: Provide a name for the printer (whatever you want to call it, like Webprint BW or Webprint Color)
    • Print Using: Use the ‘Generic PostScript Printer’ that will show up as the default
  5. You can add both the BW and the color printer. Note that since you're using the generic printer driver, you might not have all of the options available to you when you print, but this will work for all of your normal printing jobs.
  6. Once you've set up the printer, it should be one of the options available to you when you choose File>Print on your laptop. Choose the printer, print, go to a Follow-Me printer and swipe your ID to retrieve your print jobs.



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Fri 1/17/20 8:35 AM
Fri 3/20/20 12:04 PM