I deleted some of my Netspace files by accident. How do I get them back?

Bucknell's system automatically backs up your recent files in case you delete them by accident. To view the previous files, first navigate to your Netspace drive (U: and/or X:). You should see the usual "Private" and "Public" folders that you should be used to. Your backed up files, however, are hidden. You need to enable viewing hidden files and folders.

If you are on a Mac, the easiest option is to find a Windows computer on campus and enable viewing hidden files because the process for a Mac is a bit more complicated. If you would still like to learn how to enable viewing hidden files on your mac, click here. Once you enable it, you should see a folder called "~snapshot" (pictured below).


Open the snapshot folder and locate the folder with the date on which you had your files intact in Netspace.

The folders are named in the format YYYY.MM.DD.HHHH. These correspond to the Year, Month, Day and Time (Military time) when the snapshot of your drive was taken. Locate the folder corresponding to the date and time at which you still had your files intact. You can copy-paste these back to your Private or Public folder to restore your files.


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