I just used Duo to log in a couple minutes ago. Why is it asking me to do it again?

You will have to use Duo to log in every time you access myBucknell or any other link that you may wish to access through Central Authentication Service (CAS). If your session timed out and you got logged out automatically by CAS, or if you just logged out by yourself, you will have to use Duo again the next time you log in. If you open a second web browser, you will have to login to Duo again. CAS handles requests from two different browsers on the same computer as requests from two different computers. Duo is simply another step of security added to your log-in request, and you will have to go through it every single time after entering your password regardless of how many times you have done it before.


Article ID: 230
Tue 1/14/20 3:42 PM
Mon 2/24/20 1:27 PM