How do I authenticate to Duo Security without a cell signal?

If you will be in a location that does not have cell phone signal (wireless), plan ahead for how you will authenticate to Duo Security!

Options that will not work:

  1. Phone call to your cell or smartphone *.

Options that will work:

  1. Smartphone or tablet with Wi-Fi signal using the Duo Security app.
  2. Yubikey or code generator.
  3. Passcodes that are texted to you in advance.
  4. Landline telephone.

If you are not setup to use Duo Security in a location without cell signal, visit the Tech Desk in advance to setup one of the options that will work.

* NOTE: If your cell phone carrier is Project Fi, you will be able to receive calls through Wi-Fi.  This is rare - most people have a traditional cell phone company, such as AT&T or Verizon.  These phones will not work without cell service (wireless).


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