How do I make my Moodle course visible to students?

We initially create courses in Moodle so that they are hidden from students, giving you time to build the course before students can see the content that you have uploaded. In order for students to view that content, you'll need to make each of your active Moodle courses visible to students, as follows:

  1. Log in to Moodle at
  2. Click on the link for your course in the Current Course List module on the right-hand side of the page.
  3. In the Administration block (also on the right-hand side of the screen), click on the Settings link:
    Edit Settings Link
  4. In the General settings area, under "Course visibility," click on the downward-facing triangle next to "Hide," and then click on "Show":

    Show Course
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click on the Save and Display Button button to send your changes to the server.
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