How do I weight grades in Moodle?

One of the most powerful features of Moodle is the Gradebook, in terms of its ability to handle multiple grading scenarios. Moodle allows you to have multiple categories of grades (exams, essays, quizzes, etc.), and it allows you to set relative weights for the items within a category (and for the category itself).   Once you have your grading structure set up and the weights assigned, Moodle will calculate student grades for you, making it a great labor-saving device.  In response to a survey that asked students about effective uses of Moodle, students expressed a clear preference for courses that actively used the Moodle Gradebook, because it made it clear to students how well they were doing in the course. 

Because of its flexibility and multiple weighting schemes, however, the Gradebook can be difficult to learn. Rather than describing a particular grading scenario in detail here, we will attach a more detailed grading guide that you can view to learn the most typical method of weighting grades in Moodle, along with general grade weighting concepts. 


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