How do I add an HP departmental printer to a university-owned Mac on campus?

Bucknell-owned Machines

Due to security policies, Bucknell-owned machines will need to have administrative rights prior to following the instructions below. Find Privileges in programs and select Request Privileges and enter your computer password.


Add HP printer on Bucknell Mac

All university-owned computers can use Follow-Me Printing, which allows you to print and retrieve your printout from any Follow-Me Printer on campus.

If you do not want to use Follow-Me Printing, open Applications>Self Service. You should click on the installer for the departmental printers for your building. This will install all the Canon printers that are available in that building (you can remove printers that you don't need).

Note: the instructions above are for adding departmental Canon printers. If you're adding a departmental HP, the instructions are different as you don't need to add the driver from Self Service.  Once you put in the name of the printer, your Mac will automatically download the correct HP driver. 

You can find the name of the printer from a colleague or from LIT (it will be in the format of building-room number, like this: acws306-lp1. Once you have the name of the printer, these are the steps to add it.

1. Click on System Preferences>Printers & Scanners.



2. Click on the + sign to add a new printer



3. Type in the name of the printer if you know it after selecting IP from the menu across the top. Change the dropdown for the protocol to Line Printer Daemon - LPD.


4. On the bottom of that page, change the Generic PostScript Printer driver to Select Software . . .


5. Type in the model number of your printer in the search box and select the printer software that matches your model. Click OK.

HP Color LaserJet CP4020-CP4520 Series software

6. Click Add.


You're done! You should now be able to print. 


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