What is the Bison Laptop Program?

Bison Laptop Program 

The Bison Laptop Program provides guidance and direction for your laptop buying decision. It's designed to clarify that decision by providing you with all the information you need to make the choice that works well for you in your time at Bucknell.

We recognize that you have a tremendous number of choices for a laptop for school. You might already have a laptop that you used in high school. But now you need to know what you need at Bucknell.

Here's what we recommend:

  • If you want to use a Windows computer: Buy a Dell XPS 13. We have specific recommended models that we can fully support. (Why the XPS 13? - see reviews!)
  • If you're in the Freeman College of Management: Buy a Dell XPS 13. There are specific courses and software that you'll be taking that will require a Windows computer.
  • If you want to use a Mac: Buy the Mac you'd like, but understand that our support model varies by machine (read details here)
  • If you want to use something other than a Dell XPS or a Mac, understand that we offer no hardware support (software only)
  • For more about warranty information, see this article.

We have Dell- and Apple-certified technicians on-site, so we can do warranty work on Dell XPS laptops and Macs. We can supply loaner laptops for a Dell XPS and all Apple models while we service your computer.

Notes to consider:

  • Only the Dell XPS comes with Accidental Damage warranty coverage that includes drops and spills (Apple does not offer this coverage)
  • All Dells are not the XPS - the consumer Inspiron line is not recommended
  • Most MacBook Pro  and MacBook Air repairs will need to be sent to Apple


When to buy your laptop 

If you don't already have a laptop, we recommend waiting until June-July in order to take advantage of any Back-to-School offers from Apple or Dell, and to extend any warranty coverage as far as possible into your time at Bucknell. Have it shipped to your home. We updated our laptop page at Dell with current models and pricing on March 28, 2021. 

How to buy your laptop - Dell XPS

  • Go to https://www.dell.com/bucknell and click on the link that says Shop Your Standard Configuration
  • There are 3 models on our site. Check this article to differentiate between the XPS 13 and the XPS 13 Plus. 
  • The XPS 13 also comes with a $100 Dell gift card, while the XPS 13 Plus models come with a $200 card - these can be used on anything on Dell's site. 

How to buy your laptop - Macs

Answers to some of your Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping to campus: If you need to have your laptop shipped to your campus address, this is the address you'll need to use. You can find your Campus Box number  (C####) when you log into MyBucknell.

Student Name, Bucknell University, 701 Moore Avenue, C####, Lewisburg, PA 17837.



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