Warranty and service information for the Bison Laptop Program

One of the things that you have to think about when you buy a laptop is: "What are my options if I have a problem with my computer?"

Warranty and service vary, depending on the make, model, and scope of the problem. Here's a breakdown of the services that we can provide at the Tech Desk - it's not exhaustive, so if you have additional questions, please contact us.

Dell XPS through the link on our page: www.dell.com/bucknell

  • Accidental damage warranty is included - coverage includes drops and spills that require laptop repair
  • Backup assistance
  • Certified technicians to handle warranty hardware repair
  • Loaner laptops provided for the duration of the warranty repair work
  • On-site parts for quick turnaround for some repairs
  • The most complete service option - virtually everything is covered

Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

  • Backup assistance if the laptop starts up
  • Loaner laptops provided for duration of the warranty repair work, for up to two weeks where not covered under warranty
  • Most hardware issues are the responsibility of the student to return to Apple for repair

Windows laptops that are not Dell XPS models

  • Software support only (connecting to wifi, software installation, malware cleanup, etc.)
  • Loaner laptops available for two week loan periods


Questions about the service and warranty options can be directed to bisonlaptop@bucknell.edu or you can call 570.577.7777.



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