How do I set up Bmail and Calendar on my iPhone or iPad?

We recommend using the Gmail app for accessing your Bucknell email on your iPhone or iPad.

Download the Gmail app from the App Store. Open the app and log in with your Bucknell email address (including the, then click on Sign in. You may be prompted to sign in to our blue and white CAS screen, similar to what you'd see if you signed in to myBucknell - you will need to sign in with your username and password and then authenticate with Duo.

You will then be taken to your Inbox or Important mail folder. You can click on the hamburger  icon to change folders or swipe down on your profile picture to switch accounts.

You can then install the Google Calendar app from the App Store.

Open the Google Calendar app and log in with your Bucknell email address (including the for the username and click then Sign in. You may need to click Add a Google account if you are not prompted to sign in. If you already have the Gmail app then it may log into your calendar automatically.

You can add other accounts, such as your personal Gmail calendar, or you can click on Get Started.


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