Digital Video Editing Lab


Faculty and students have a dedicated video editing lab and an audio recording booth where they can work on their digital media and video projects. The Digital Video Editing Lab located in Bertrand 018 opened in January 2011 and it has 12 Mac Pro towers. These computers are connected to an Xsan server for project storage. Audio recording can be done in the Sound Booth located in the Tech Courtyard of Bertrand library.


Multimedia Consultants -Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship’s Multimedia Consultants are available during evening hours in the Digital Video Editing Lab on LL1 of the Bertrand Library. Many of our Multimedia Consultants are Film/Media Studies majors or minors who have extensive experience with the video production and editing process.

The video editing lab is equipped with the following software programs.

Video Production:

  • Apple Final Cut Pro X, Apple’s premier video editing software
  • Apple Final Cut Pro 7, Apple’s legacy video editing software
  • Apple iMovie, Apple’s consumer grade video editing software
  • Apple Motion
  • Apple Compressor
  • Apple Quicktime Pro
  • iShowU
  • Handbrake
  • MPEG Streamclip

Audio Production:

  • Apple Garage Band
  • Audacity

Graphic Design and Page Layout

  • Adobe Fireworks
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Apple iPhoto