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Educational Technology & Digital Scholarship

Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship, Moodle, Course Design, Video, Digital Tools & Methods, and more

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Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship, Instructional Technology & Design, Flipped Classrooms, Hybrid Learning, Teaching with Technology, Assessment planning and rubric development
Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Spatial Thinking
Moodle, Lecture Capture, MyMedia (Kaltura MediaSpace) Course Wikis, Course Blogs, WordPress , ePortfolios, iClickers In Class Polling, Qualtrics, Visualization Tools
Class Video Projects, Digital Storytelling, Stop Motion Animation, FinalCut Pro
Digital Video Editing Lab, Digital media projects, Podcasts and Soundbooth, Workshops, Other Events, Digital Scholarship Conference

Services (3)

Library & Information Technology Grants

Library & IT offers a number of grants to support faculty.

Linux Computing Cluster

The Linux Computing Cluster is a group of Linux servers set up for the purpose of running computationally intensive jobs.

Microgrant Request for Digital Scholarship

Form used for submitting microgrant requests