Filelocker is a secure file transfer site.  You can use it to share files with other people or ask that someone share a file with you.


Filelocker is useful for the following situations:

  • You need to share a file that is too large to send via email (>25 MB for Bmail)
  • You need to share a confidential file securely (email is not secure, so you cannot use email to transfer a confidential file)
  • You need to share file type that cannot be transferred via email

Files can be shared within Bucknell University or with external computer users.

Note: Filelocker has a file size limit of 2 GB.

Note: Filelocker is not appropriate for file storage.  All files will expire and be deleted on the expiration date.  If you need to store a large file, use Bmail Documents and Drive, which has unlimited storage and can accommodate files up to 5 TB in size.

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