Request assistance with Bmail, Google apps, Qualtrics, and other productivity tools and services

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Request assistance with Bmail, Bucknell's Email Service

Bmail Calendar

Request assistance with Bmail's Calendar.


Filelocker is a secure file transfer site. You can use it to share files with other people or ask that someone share a file with you.

Friendly Email Address

Setup your friendly email address.

Google Apps (G Suite) Assistance

Request assistance with Google Apps (G Suite) including - Drive, Docs, Sheets, Hangouts, Slides, Forms and more.

Google Group Issue

Report an issue or ask a question about your existing Google group.

Google Groups Training

Request training on how to use the Google Groups tool to setup an email alias, discussion group or group email.

Qualtrics Account Services

Request changes to your Qualtrics account such as a quote increase, increased survey limits, permissions, groups, etc.

Qualtrics Training/Assistance

Request assistance in creating an online survey. Qualtrics