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Have an idea or project request that involves technology?

Library & IT's Project Services team supports a wide range of IT-related initiatives at Bucknell University. We partner with administrative and academic departments along with IT staff to initiate, plan, execute and complete IT related campus projects.

Have an idea for a project? Want to request a change to current services, systems or processes? Use this form to submit your idea or project request. 

Once your idea is submitted a member of our team will contact you to talk through your request and the next steps.

Note: Do NOT use this form to request service or assistance with a computer or system. Do NOT use this form to report that some sort of technology is broken. Do not use this form to report an emergency.


Reporting a classroom or event emergency? Call 570-577-3435 immediately.
Reporting an emergency with a service or desktop computer? Call 570-577-7777 immediately.



Submit an idea or project request


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