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Technology and travel instructions
Instruction on how to use Duo with no cellphone signal.
You may be asked to accept a security certificate when connecting to wireless network. Click on this article for more information on the new security certificate that has been activated for wireless network.
A link to Apple's article on how to open files that the macOS security settings have blocked.
Zoom security passcode
Instructions for using Zoom securely
Ivanti Endpoint Manager is the utility that Bucknell University has chosen to provide software and update delivery, as well as remote support to Bucknell owned Windows computers.
The hard drives of Bucknell owned computers are encrypted for your security in case you lose your computer. Follow this article to learn more about encryption.
Instructions for what do do when you get a security warning about a gtempaccount.
Best practices for Qualtrics surveys.
Instructions for securing your LastPass account with Duo Security.
These instructions provide an overview of setting up these features on a generic Android phone.