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Instructions for adding a streaming video to a Moodle course.
For instruction on accessing Bucknell resources from off-campus as well as faculty online instruction guides and student resources, follow this ask article.
Instructions for using Kaltura Capture with presentation software
a student guide to using Mediaspace, Kaltura Capture and information regarding the streaming server at Bucknell.
Instructions for how to create captions for multimedia within Mediaspace, using the Kaltura REACH service.
Information related to Mediaspace and Kaltura, our Bucknell multimedia streaming server.
This article details steps for recording and making available Zoom recordings.
a How-To on using the Full Deck feature within Mediaspace to dynamically present PowerPoint slides or PDF's in the viewer for audiences to customize their view and present visually.
Mediaspace includes the ability to make basic edits to a video that you've previously edited. Within the Launch Editor option you can, clip a media entry,
trim the beginning or ending of a media entry, or chop and splice portions out of your original video.
Instructions for uploading and publishing content in Mediaspace
Multimedia projects and resources offer opportunities to engage students in course content beyond traditional written assignments and in-class discussions. Several resources and projects are sampled throughout the article.
Instructions for using Kaltura Capture with Mediaspace
Instructions for using the mobile app for Mediaspace
an outline of the differences between channels and playlists, and how to create each within Mediaspace.
Creating Channels, adding members, and adding media with the channel feature in Mediaspace.