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Google Group FAQ
Easy steps on how to post as your google group
Instructions for using Kaltura Capture with presentation software
Collaboration Tools - Chat, Meeting, Social, File Sharing, Collaborative Work Management, and Website tools.
Bucknell students, faculty and staff can store files on Google drive using their Bmail account. Follow this article for information on how to backup files on your computer.
Google has made if very simple to add holidays from several religious traditions to your Bmail calendar.
Google Voice
Install and configure the Zoom Desktop Client
Faculty and staff may wish to create a web page to share information about their scholarship, research, or teaching.
Google Shared Drives (formerly known as Team Drives)  are shared spaces where groups of people can easily store, search, and access their files anywhere, from any device.
Multimedia projects and resources offer opportunities to engage students in course content beyond traditional written assignments and in-class discussions. Several resources and projects are sampled throughout the article.
Tutorials on how to use Google products.