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Step by step guide on how to download and install Read&Write Gold. Faculty, staff, and students can download the software from myBucknell.
Computer replacement schedule for faculty and staff computers in academic and administrative departments.
Instructions on how to add an Assignment to a Moodle course in order to receive student work.
Software for faculty, staff, and students.
Students can use Duo SOS to get a one-time emergency passcode. Faculty, staff, and students may stop by the Tech Desk to be issued a code generator during staff hours (ID required).
Information about new faculty accounts.
All service information related to our Bison Laptop Program is specifically directed to and includes only student purchases.
Eligible Bucknell University faculty and staff can download professional Adobe applications using Adobe Creative Cloud.
For instruction on accessing Bucknell resources from off-campus as well as faculty online instruction guides and student resources, follow this ask article.
Instructions for emailing students through Moodle.
We create Moodle course shells for all courses listed in Banner, but the courses are hidden from students. These instructions explain how to make active courses visible to students.
Bucknell antivirus, antimalware software installed on Bucknell-owned faculty and staff computers.
Instructions for restarting a docking station.
If your version of Snagit was recently upgraded and the OneClick option seems to be missing, you can turn it back on!
You can obviously record student attendance in class using a paper chart or an Excel spreadsheet. However, Moodle’s Attendance Activity offers not only comparable features, but also several advantages over those possibilities. Click on this article for more information.