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LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform that is licensed for all Bucknell University faculty, staff, and students. Click on the article for more information.
Instructions for viewing feedback to assignments submitted via Moodle.
Instructions for adding a Teaching Assistant to your Moodle course.
This article explains how to import an entire past Moodle course or parts of a past Moodle course into a current semester's course.
We create Moodle course shells for all courses listed in Banner, but the courses are hidden from students. These instructions explain how to make active courses visible to students.
This article explains how to see when a student last accessed your Moodle course.
This article explains how to use the new course template in Moodle.
Instructions for students who need to submit an assignment in Moodle.
Instructions for undocking your blocks in Moodle so that you can view your courses or grades.
Moodle enrollments tend to be one day behind Banner. Click on this article for more information.
You can obviously record student attendance in class using a paper chart or an Excel spreadsheet. However, Moodle’s Attendance Activity offers not only comparable features, but also several advantages over those possibilities. Click on this article for more information.
Planning on using clickers in this semester in your course? These instructions will prepare you for your first clicker use.