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Instructions for posting to Message Center.
Instructions for setting up bmail and calendar on an iphone or ipad.
Instructions for adding a Teaching Assistant to your Moodle course.
Instructions for adding the FollowMe printer queue to a personal Mac laptop.
Instructions for adding files to Code42 default backup set.
Instructions for adding a departmental printer to a Bucknell-owned Windows computer on campus.
Google has made if very simple to add holidays from several religious traditions to your Bmail calendar.
Instructions for adding bmail and calendar to an android phone.
Moodle enrollments tend to be one day behind Banner. Click on this article for more information.
Instructions for setting up appointment slots for students or advisees in Moodle.
Bucknell uses Google's G Suites for email and calendaring. Click on this article for more information.
Qualtrics is a great tool for conducting surveys. Follow this article to learn how to share contact list in qualtrics
If you are an android user, follow this article to learn more on how you can automatically add the passcode o your conference call in google calendar.