Incoming Student myBucknell Quick Start Guide

Welcome to myBucknell! The myBucknell dashboard is your portal for completing key steps in preparation to begin your life on campus. We recommend bookmarking the page and checking back often, as more to-do tasks and information will be added in the months ahead. The dashboard will continue to be an important resource for information, news, and updates even after you’ve officially begun your studies. 

To help you get oriented, this guide will explain some of the key areas you’ll find in the myBucknell dashboard and how you can use them to complete important tasks. 

To-Do List:

The To-Do list includes important tasks that need to be completed before you arrive on campus. New tasks will be added throughout the months leading up Orientation, so it’s important that you check the to-do list regularly. 

Click any item on the list to bring up more information about how to complete that task. When you’ve completed an item, you can check it off your list by selecting “mark complete.” Once checked, the item will disappear from your to-do list. 

Click “View Completed To-Dos” at the bottom of the list to see items that you’ve already checked off. You can also find a copy of the full to-do list on the Bucknell website


Profile, Calendar and BMail links:

At the top left of your dashboard, next to your name, you’ll find icons linking to BMail, your calendar and your profile. Once you’ve uploaded one, your ID photo will appear in this corner as well. Click here to submit your profile ID photo.

Click your photo or the “person” icon to view and make updates to your profile. 



Your Profile:

Your profile page includes important personal information, including your Bucknell University ID number, contact information and meal plan details. Once you’ve been assigned a campus mailing address, it will appear here as well. 


On your profile page, you will see a combination of private and public information, indicated by a lock or a globe icon. 

  • Private information, including your phone number, legal name and birthdate, is only visible to you and Bucknell University administrators. Other users who view your profile in the online directory will not see this information. Private information is indicated by a lock icon.

  • Public information, such as your preferred name, email and major, will appear in the online directory and be viewable by other users. Public information is indicated by the globe icon: 

Updating Your Profile

Some of the information in your profile can be updated by clicking the edit button (pencil icon). This includes your preferred name, gender identity and pronouns.

Clicking the edit button on preferred name will lead you to an interface where you can request a change to your preferred name. 

Clicking the edit button next to your gender identity and pronouns will give you a list of options to choose from as well as the ability to submit your own gender identity or pronouns. Note that these fields will be empty by default and that you must make a selection for them to appear in your profile.  

Information in these fields will be available to your professors when viewing course rosters.

Quick Links:

This section contains useful links to various Bucknell resources and information, organized by category. Click the category header to view the related links.

Ask a Professor:

Get answers to frequently asked academic questions, or ask your own. A member of the faculty or an appropriate staff member will respond by email.

Featured Incoming Student Content:

This scrolling feed of information highlights key resources and news to help you prepare for your Bucknell journey.


For your convenience, you can add links to any webpages or online resources you want to save to your myBucknell dashboard. Just click new and copy the URL of the page you’d like to bookmark to save it. 


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