Does Bucknell have a site license for Canva?

No, Bucknell does not have a site license for Canva. Most people use the free version by creating an account. You can see the availability of different options on their page here:

You can also go to this page for Bucknell brand information, which you can import into Canva once you've installed it.

Our Communications office recommends Canva for social media design. On their page, they write: 

To assist in creating images, Marketing & Communications recommends using as a design tool for campus colleagues whose design needs surpass the basic tools available in other programs like Word or Publisher.

Canva allows you to create a free account that offers a variety of templates for many different kinds of projects, including specifically sized social media channel assets. It will give you a starting point, and allow you to customize the project to your social media needs.

University color palettes, fonts, assets and logos are available for the Bucknell community here to ensure all projects align with the University branding guidelines. These assets can be uploaded to Canva, or the design program of your choice, for use in your projects.


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