I saved documents in OneDrive when I used Office 365 but I'll lose access to those files when I graduate. Is there a way to migrate to a personal subscription to Office 365 before I lose my EDU license?

While Bucknell supports Google Workplace, which offers storage for all file types in Google Drive, some students may have stored items in the OneDrive account associated with their Office 365 account. They may have created this account in order to use Office 365 applications like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint during their time at Bucknell, but our licensing with Microsoft is strictly limited only to active and current students. Upon graduation, students will lose this access. 

But there is a way for students to purchase an Office 365 personal subscription and migrate data to it from their EDU account before they lose access to their Bucknell files. Note that these instructions are from Microsoft and any questions about using them should be directed directly to Microsoft's support. 

Instructions for Mac

Instructions for PC



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