BisonBot FAQ

BisonBot is an AI chatbot that can help find answers to Bucknell University Library & IT technology questions. Can you see BisonBot in the bottom right corner of this page? 

BisonBot launched in a pilot phase on May 15, 2023. Library & IT staff have trained the bot for several months prior to launch and will continue to monitor responses regularly.

BisonBot responds best to general technology questions. BisonBot does not have access to the TeamDynamix ticketing system (Tedy), so it does not know about your specific work order or service request. Reply to your ticket email if you need assistance with an existing ticket.

BisonBot responds to questions using real language. Interact with BisonBot the same way you would interact with a technician on the phone or at the Tech Desk. It's hard to imagine calling the 7s and just saying "software" or "accounts." 


  • Ask questions.
    • Good question: "How do I install a printer?"
    • Unclear input: "printer"
  • Ask questions about technology.
    • Good question: "How do I reinstall Duo on my new phone?"
    • Unclear input: "baseball"
  • Ask general technology questions.
    • Good question: "How do I get a new computer?"
    • Unclear input: "computer"
  • Ask questions that have answers.
    • Good question: "How do I learn to use Excel?"
    • Unclear input: "banner"
  • Ask technology questions on the technology pages.
    • Good question: "How do I install Solidworks?"
    • Unclear input: "journal articles"
  • Ask questions that can be answered by publicly accessible information.
    • Good question: "Does the equipment desk loan out computers?"
    • Unclear input: "When is the computer I borrowed from the equipment desk due?"


There's more than one bot! If you have a library question, please go to the library bot for assistance. If you have a technology question, as the technology bot!

  • On this page, BisonBot will answer library related questions. This is the library's website, where users will find the Worldcat Library Catalog, Research By Subject guides, research databases, guides to library services and resources, and related information.
  • On this page, BisonBot will answer technology related questions. The homepage for all things Information Technology. Submit a Tech Support ticket or be directed to newly released IT news. 
  •  On this page, BisonBot will answer technology related questions. The knowledge base for Information Technology here at Bucknell University. Find immediate answers to questions you may have about some of the tools and resources offered to our students, faculty, and staff.

Can you tell the difference?

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Live Agents

During business hours, there is a real live human available to assist you. If the bot is not able to help you, type "live agent" and your request will be routed to the next available technician. Outside of business hours or if all the live agents are busy, you'll be offered a form to submit a ticket.

Staff Monitored

Every single BisonBot interaction is reviewed by a staff member. Library & IT staff read each question, review the bot's responses, and edit the suggestions as needed. If the bot provides the correct answer to the stated question, staff mark the interaction as concluded successfully. Note that if Library & IT staff can't understand your question, it's unlikely that BisonBot will either!

Recommending Content

Is there something you think BisonBot should be able to answer, but it didn't? Submit a ticket! The bot minders are happy to teach BisonBot something new. Just fill out the ticket form with what you think BisonBot should know! Go to to suggest useful technology content.


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