Welcome to Windows 11!

What's New in Windows 11

Windows 11 offers a number of performance and appearance changes. While the changes to the Start menu (it's now in the middle of the page!) are immediately obvious, users will see other changes over time. Some of these include;

  • Design changes: rounded corners, new logos and icons, new theme options, and other visual tweaks
  • Taskbar changes: now in the center of the screen
  • Start menu changes: groups of apps that can be organized rather than a long scrolling list of programs
  • Snap layouts and multitasking: users can rearrange open windows in a variety of ways as well as use any number of virtual desktops
  • Expansion of input support: improved options for touch, pen, and voice
  • Widgets: a wide of variety of live feeds that you can to your screen, like weather and traffic info
  • Gaming upgrades: higher game-rates and auto-HDR for graphics
  • Performance improvements: faster logins with Windows Hello, quicker wake from sleep and speedier web browsing


Obvious differences include:

How to turn it off, restart, or put it to sleep? Click on Start to see the power button in the lower right corner

How to rename a file? Hold down shift while right clicking, or right click and choose More Options

How to find a program: Click on Start, then search for it, or click on All Apps. You can right click on any App to pin it to the Start menu.


Windows 11 Training from Linkedin Learning

There are several helpful online courses from Linkedin Learning that can help you learn Windows 11.

  • Windows 11 Essential Training
  • Windows 11 Quick Tips
  • Windows 11: Administration
  • Windows 11 for IT Pros First Look: Supporting Users
  • Windows 11 for IT Support: Troubleshooting Basics
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