How do I install Bucknell's licensed version of Minitab on Windows computers? Is it available for Macs?

Bucknell's license for Minitab allows students, staff and faculty to use the software on either personal or Bucknell-owned computers. While Windows users can install Minitab on their computers or use the web version, Mac users are restricted to the web. 

To install on Bucknell-owned Windows computers (staff and faculty):

  • Go to Portal Manager (type 'portal' into the search box in the lower left corner of your computer) and follow the instructions

To install on personally-owned Windows computers (staff, faculty and students):

To access the web version of Minitab (all Mac and Linux users and any Windows user who prefers the web version):

How to install or access Minitab

Minitab requires users to sign in through Microsoft. Users will be using their Bucknell credentials. If you've installed the software, you'll see the same screens when you open Minitab as you'll see if you use the web version. First, you'll be prompted to sign in: use your full Bucknell email address: 


On the next screen, you'll sign into Microsoft's license portal with your Bucknell email address and password:

You can choose to stayed logged in if you'd like:


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