How do I find past Moodle courses not on the main Moodle server?

Moodle courses taught from Summer 2015 to Spring 2019 can be found on the Moodle Archive Server (link opens in new window).  Please note that you need to be on-campus to connect to the archive server, or you need to be connected to Bucknell's network via VPN (link opens in new window) if you are off-campus. If you want to copy that past course onto a current version of the course on our main Moodle server, you will need to backup the older course, download the backup file, and restore the old backup onto your current course, as these instructions explain:

If your course was taught before Summer 2015, then you'll need to send an email to DPS, asking that the older course be retrieved from a course backup.  In your email message, please mention the Course short name, if you remember it (for example, PSCY100-01-FA2011).  If you don't remember the particular section number, please at least provide the course designation (for example, PSYC100) and the semester when it was taught (Fall 2011, in our hypothetical example).  Please let us know as well the name of the current course into which you want the content copied. 

Please contact DPS if you have any questions about finding or copying over past Moodle courses. 

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