Replit FAQ

What is Replit?

Replit is an online, collaborative IDE with over 50 languages available. It works in your browser, integrates with GitHub, and is a great place to assign, review, and work on code-based assignments with your students, especially in introductory courses.

Why use Replit?

Using Replit helps instructors view, run, and debug code-based assignments with their students. It provides a convenient platform for distributing starter code, assignments (individual and group), and feedback without requiring students to download Python or an IDE on their own device. You can also host and deploy your own projects using Replit.

Replit works with more than 50 languages, so the software should be usable regardless of the language you and your students are learning.

Replit is most appropriate for introductory level programming needs. Some of the features that make it convenient to use in a browser also obscure features of programming languages that are necessary for more advanced work.

How do I get access to Replit?

Accounts are free for everyone, and instructors can get access to Teams for Education for free, which has additional features for use in the classroom. You do not need to submit a software request or ask for access to Teams for Education, just create an account with your Bucknell credentials. 

What is a Replit Team and do I need to be in one?

We encourage you to use the features in Teams for Education, which you have free access to as an instructor, to create Teams for each of your courses.

You don't have to be in a Team to use Replit to create individual repls (projects) and collaborate with other individuals. Learn more in their documentation, Using Replit for free. Students only need the free account to fully participate in classes created by their instructor using a Team.

Instructors can create Teams with a lot of additional features that are useful for instruction:

  • Invite students to a Team environment with multiple projects that you can organize into units
  • Set up starter code and instructions that students can fork
  • Monitor student progress in projects and review work in real time
  • Assign multiplayer projects that groups of students can access and edit collaboratively
  • Leave annotations in students' code for feedback
  • Set up tests with autograding features

Make sure you create your Team and any repls for the class inside the Bucknell University Organization.

  1. Navigate to the Teams tab on the left of the Replit page
  2. Find the Bucknell University organization under the "Education" heading
  3. Select your course's team or click on "New team in Bucknell University" to create a new one

If you do not see the option to create a new team or have questions, contact DPS at

Where can I find help with Replit?

If you are new to Replit, we recommend you check out their introduction videos:

Replit also provides documentation:

Email to ask questions or request help from Digital Pedagogy and Scholarship.

Looking for ideas on how to use Replit in your course(s)?

Check out the Replit catalog of recorded sessions.

Browse the Replit Curriculum Hub with pre-built projects and lesson plans that you can import into your own teams.


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