Replit FAQ

What is Replit?

Replit is an online, collaborative IDE with over 50 languages available. It works in your browser, integrates with GitHub, and is the ideal place to assign, review, and work on code-based assignments with your students.

Why use Replit?

Using Replit helps instructors view, run, and debug code-based assignments with their students. Replit boasts 50+ languages, so the software should be usable regardless of the language you and your students are learning. You can also host and deploy your own projects using Replit.

How do I get access to Gradescope?

To get access to Replit, send an email to Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship at

What support is available for Replit?

If you are new to Replit, we recommend you check out their Tutorial for Teachers video:

Replit also has a Teams for Education 101 resource.

Need more help? Schedule a time to stop by the Replit Bi-Weekly Office Hours.




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