Does Bucknell have a way to watch television on campus?

Bucknell offers BUTV in many residence hall lounges and other public spaces across campus. The HD service offering about 90 channels is provided through TiVos with content coming from Service Electric, a local cable company. There is not an option to add live TV in individual residence hall rooms or apartments as most users can stream content through smart TVs, laptops, or other devices. We have subscribed to a set channel lineup that covers a wide variety of interests. The TiVos are connected to ports that have been specifically configured to provide this content, so moving the TiVo to any other port will make them non-functional. Technical issues can be directed to and RAs can also be notified for the first step of troubleshooting. 

Note that students can add products like Rokus, smart TVs, xBoxes, PlayStations, etc., to our bucknell_iot wireless network. For more information about that registering devices and using the iot network, please see our iot FAQ


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