Where can I find outdoor wifi coverage on campus?

There is now outdoor wifi coverage in the following locations on campus.

List of Outdoor Wifi locations:

  • Outdoor common areas in the Grove near the Gateway apartments.
  • Outdoor common area in front of Roberts Hall.
  • The back lawn of Corner House.
  • The science quad between Computer Center/Dana and Olin/O'Leary.
  • The parking lot between Dana and Hildreth Mirza
  • The outdoor space surrounding Academic East.
  • The quad between Academic East and Academic West.
  • The outdoor space in front of Hildreth Mirza.
  • The outdoor space between Hildreth Mirza and the Library.
  • The Academic Quad (between Vaughn Lit & Coleman).
  • McDonnell amphitheater.
  • Rooke Chapel lawn facing the ELC.
  • The front entrance to the Weis Center.
  • The quad between the South Campus Apartments.
  • The South-eastern half of Christy Mathewson Stadium. (limited to moderate class size, will not provide coverage to full stadium)
  • Holmes Stadium seating areas.  (limited to moderate class size in seating areas under the roof, will not provide coverage to full stadium) 


Not pictured 

  • Art Barn quad between painting and sculpture studios.

Outdoor Access Points

An outdoor access point looks like a white cylinder attached to a high point on a building or structure. If you are intending to use wifi outside, you will have a stronger signal closer to the access point.

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